November 30

Thrive – Is not listening costing you in your sales performance?


Hey, this is Meridith Elliot Powell, and I just wanted to ask you how much do you think not listening is costing you in your sales performance in your bottom line results in really growing your business. This week, I called a company’s helpline where I had already bought the product or service. Now I want you to understand I’d already bought the product. And one of the ways they got me to choose them over their competition was they had a support desk, a helpline. So I called the support desk for help because my product was not working accurately. And I just had a couple of questions, and I got the nicest customer service rep on the phone, but he immediately launched into before he could help me. He wanted to sell me the extended warranty. You could tell he had been trained to really position this product up first. Now, I’m not saying that I didn’t want the extended warranty, but where I was I wanted my product fixed. So I let him know that I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He pushed back one more time, saying, I’d be so glad to help you with that. I just think now would be the right time to help you with this extended warranty. Well, we got back into this going back and forth about this until I finally got frustrated, said, never mind that I wanted to talk to a supervisor. Now, you need to understand at this point, I’m not saying it was wrong to sell me the extended warranty, but is a critical skill. You need to position your sales team, your customer service reps to have if you want to drive more sales, chances are I’d have bought that extended warranty, but he did not listen to my urgent need. That entire call felt like it was more about his objectives, his goals, and the company’s goals more than mine. Now, I’m going to keep this product for as long as this product holds out. But you better believe the next time I need this product, I’m not going back to that company, and that’s how much listening is costing you. All right. I’ll see you next week with another sales tip. And together, we’re going to turn all of this uncertainty into a major competitive advantage.


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Stu Heinecke

Stu Heinecke
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