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Top 8 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS

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Happy New Year! Are You Ready for Success in 2018?

Every New Year, we share the trends and the strategies that will drive growth in the coming year. We discuss what precisely you need to be doing to position your business and your team to surpass your goals and reach new levels of performance.  These are the SOLUTIONS that create serious growth in 2018! 

8 New Year’s ReSOLUTIONS! 

  1. Voice Of The Customer 

    The most powerful voice in your business strategy needs to be the voice of your customer. In 2018 you need to listen to what your customers are saying, implying and telling you about their needs, market trends and how they want to be served. Focus groups, surveys, social and good ole’ fashioned conversations are the tools you need to stay connected to the voice of your customer.

  2. Outward Focus 

    The majority of things that will impact your success in 2018 are outside of your business and your control. Think about it: technology, competition, regulation, the economy etcetera.  In 2018, you need to have an outward focus.  Invest in the time to focus on what is happening outside of your business so you can be agile within.

  3. Innovation At Every Level

    In 2018 business will continue to move fast. New ideas, more efficient processes, and a well-organized business model are keys to success. You need every team member, at every level, focused, looking for new ideas, better ways of doing things, and strategies to improve the customer experience. As the leader, put innovation top of your list. Ask for it, recognize it, reward it and encourage it at every level of your organization.

  4. Question Everything 

    Just because it worked in 2017 does not mean it will work in 2018. The most significant obstacle you have in the race to succeed is the failure to notice when change is needed. Take the time to reflect quarterly, and schedule it now. Question everything!  What moved you forward and what held you back. Review, question, and adjust.

  5. Increase Activity 

    In 2018 you are going to have to do more to get more. It is time to increase activity, those behaviors you do to get the results you want.  If you are going to be more successful in 2018, then look at what you did in 2017 and increase it. The more of the right activity, the more of the right results.

  6. Engage In One Vital Sales Strategy 

    Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. The first place you need to think about growth is coming from existing customers. Expanding those relationships will increase sales, improve retention and enhance referrals. You need to engage in one essential sales strategy – follow-up. Your sales strategy this year needs to have a robust follow-up system that your team implements flawlessly.

  7. Content Opens Doors 

    In 2018 customers are looking for problem solvers, solution creators, and innovators. If you want to open more doors and close more sales, you need to become subject matter experts. Understand that content opens doors. Buying anything now begins with a search for answers on websites, blogs, and social media. When customers go looking for answers your articles, interviews, and comments are what needs to pop up. You need to be the subject matter expert that delivers a reliable solution with a fantastic product.

  8. Seamless Connection 

    2018 is the year of personal connection! Yes, believe it or not, we still like to talk with one another. Your communication with your customers needs to include in-person, online and live video. Any and all opportunities you can create to increase interaction, connection and community will drive sales. The need for customers to feel like they know you, that you know them, and that their experience is personal will grow in 2018. You need to engage every form of medium and in-person opportunities to create a seamless connection.

Let’s make 2018 your BEST year on record!  Join us for a FREE webinar on January 22nd at 3 EST.  We will dive deep into each of these strategies, and put together your business growth plan for 2018.

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