November 19

Using LinkedIn To Make More Connections!


For those of us lucky enough to listen to The Client Connection yesterday, we had the opportunity to spend some time learning from one of the best – Financial Social Media Expert Amy Mcllwain. She did a great interview, and shared with us her expertise about how to use this powerful medium to get noticed, make better connections and build relationships. As an expert in the field of financial services she was also able to guide us through the challenges that things such as compliance, regulation, and client confidentiality can have on our ability to used LinkedIn effectively.

Amy’s points about how important technology has come into our world to not only attract, but also to retain clients, and how our credibility and marketability are closely tied to how well we understand how to use social networking, especially LinkedIn.

I learned a lot, took notes like crazy and plan to listen again. The only real issue I had with the interview – it was just too short. I wanted more time to gain as much knowledge and insight from Amy as I know she has to share. Sounds like a great reason to have her back on, for round two of how to use, not only LinkedIn, but all the social media platforms to better connect with our clients.

Until then, here are three ideas I gained, and three strategies I plan to implement from Financial Social Media Expert, Amy Mcllwain:

  1. Trade-show booth – To think of LinkedIn like a big trade-show and your profile is your booth – you are trying to attract people to your booth.
  1. Relevant Groups – Focus on quality not quantity, and join groups that make sense for you and your business. Ten is better than thirty, and plan to be active in the groups that you join.
  1. Stories – Your summary needs to be the story of “you”, including you, your business, and what you can do for the client.

Three Strategies I Plan To Implement From Financial Social Media Expert, Amy McIIwain

  1. Keywords – I have done some work here, but I have more to do. I need to redesign my titles, summary, and experience to better reflect what I want to be found for.
  1. Apps/Programs – I plan to sign up – right now – for LinkedIn Connect. The new app that LinkedIn just put out. In addition, I plan to upload my photos to to see how likeable my photo is and which one is best.
  1. Search – Once a quarter do a search for not only my name, but my competitors as well, so I am sure that what I want to be found for is getting me found.

Thank you again for listening to The Client Connection. Be sure to join us for our next program set for December 2, 2013 when Kathleen Burns Kingsbury will interview Colleen Denzler as she will discuss financial advice only a woman can give.

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