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Mentally Fit, Powerfully Resilient, Competitively Strong: The 9 Strategy Formula for Thriving in Your Personal Life

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Whether you’re dealing with personal struggles, seeking a more fulfilling life, or simply looking to build resilience, this book is your roadmap. Equip yourself with the tools to become mentally fit, resilient in the face of adversity, and competitive in achieving your dreams.

In Mentally Fit, you’ll explore nine powerful strategies to reshape your life amidst uncertainty. Learn how to be relentless about your vision, creatively collaborate with others, and secure your foundational base among other life-changing tactics. Each chapter provides a deep dive into these strategies, illustrated with engaging stories and practical applications that make the concepts accessible and actionable.

Meridith doesn’t just share knowledge; she provides a toolbox for action. This guide will empower you to not only face uncertainty but thrive in it.

The Confidence Plan: A Guided Journal by Sales Expert Meridith Elliott Powell

The Confidence Plan: A Guided Journal

Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats

Sales and Leadership Books

Motivational Books

Today’s world moves quickly. There are some who feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to keep up, or afraid to take risks that might set them back further. And yet, there are others who have a deep inner knowing that regardless of external circumstances, they can always navigate themselves back to a place of stability and satisfaction.

Discover your confidence, learn to trust yourself deeply, and step out boldly into a happier, more fulfilled, and successful life with help from this motivational guided journal.

That inner knowing is confidence. When we have that kind of confidence in ourselves, we can weather any storm in our professional or personal lives and know that we’ll come through better and stronger on the other side. Trusting our skills and abilities, we move toward opportunities rather than waiting for everything to align perfectly.

Plan to be your own advocate, create opportunities for yourself, and persevere when the process gets difficult.

The Confidence Plan takes you on a journey toward heightened self-confidence. Through the principles, tools, techniques, journaling questions, and exercises contained in the book, you will do the work necessary to build confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to:

  • Mastering the fundamental skills of confidence so that you have a deeply rooted internal resilience that can withstand adversity
  • Learning to embrace your fears and act anyway
  • Quitting the comparison game and tuning out harmful noise
  • Investing in yourself, setting boundaries, and creating realistic goals
  • Building your network by learning to connect with people authentically
  • Celebrating the ways that you show up for yourself and for others
Thrive: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage by Sales Expert Meridith Elliott Powell

Thrive: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage

Available from Amazon in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats

Sales and Leadership Books

Thrive is the roadmap of how to grow your business and drive sales in highly shifting, constantly changing economic times.

It is the story of those leaders and organizations that have seen consistent growth through several economic crisis-companies that were founded in the late 1700’s to early 1900’s and they are still in business thriving today.

In this book we share their stories, their struggles, and tell you exactly how they have not only overcome adversity, but thrived through it.

Download the free Thrive Worksheets.

“We live in a time when uncertainty is the order of the day. THRIVE is a must-read for all who strive to grow intellectually and to succeed through the opportunities an uncertain world offers.”

Ken Langone

Founder, Home Depot, American Billionaire and Philanthropist


“In THRIVE, Meridith weaves in 250 years of business history to show how resilient businesses and people find opportunities in every situation. This is a must-read to gain ideas and perspective in a sea of change.”

Mary C. Kelly, PhD

CEO, Productive Leaders, Author of The Five Minute Leadership Guide


“Meridith does a masterful job of detailing companies doing it right and then goes further by adding her insights to create a playbook of what you need to do. Perfect book for the time we’re in right now!”

Mark Hunter, CSP

“The Sales Hunter”, Author of A Mind For Sales

30 Days to Sales Success - Sales and Leadership Books by Sales Expert Meridith Elliott Powell

30 Days to Sales Success: Build More Profitable Relationships, Close More Sales, Drive More Business

Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats

Sales and Leadership Books

In only one month, you can acquire the skills, tools, and techniques that will help you turn more prospects into loyal customers, increase your sales, and derive greater enjoyment from the experience.

Organized into daily lessons on critical sales strategies, 30 Days to Sales Success is your roadmap to making sales more comfortable, more fulfilling, and more rewarding. Regardless of what you are selling—a product, a service, an idea, or a new direction—you have to understand the value of your offering and share it in a way that convinces people to participate.

However, much of the advice from sales and leadership books today centers on the salesperson, not the customer, and entails aggressive cold-calling and upselling techniques. It’s no wonder so many people dislike selling…and why so many people dislike being sold to. Luckily, there is another way—a path to customer-oriented sales, with a focus on value, service, and long-term relationships.

“Between the specific action steps and the simplicity of Meridith’s ideas, I found myself eager to try what I learned in this benefit-rich book. I gained ideas for my business in almost every chapter and have been effortlessly taking new steps forward with my sales process.”

Misti Burmeister

CEO, Inspirion, Inc.

Who Comes Next? Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy by Meridith Elliot Powell

Who Comes Next? Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy

Available from Amazon in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats

Succession Planning and Leadership Books

Leaders leave. It’s inevitable. It might even happen today. Are you prepared?

Every organization needs a plan for leadership succession, but few leaders know how to start the process. WHO COMES NEXT? solves that problem and easily guides you through the steps of creating a viable succession plan.

The book simplifies the process and gives you the tools you need to build and activate your leadership succession. Whether you are part of a small, family business or a Fortune 500 company, you need to start now by answering the question: WHO COMES NEXT?

“This book is a comprehensive look at succession planning, but with a refreshing spin that favors the practical over the theoretical. It’s applicable to any industry, and readers will benefit from action items, tools, and resources with every chapter. Succession planning has never been more critical, and this book is a must-read for any professional looking to answer the question, “Who Comes Next?

Michael Delucchi

President and Chief Elevation Officer, The Elevate Group


“Meridith and Mary are my ‘go to’ experts for succession planning, and they’ve created the definitive guide for how to build a strong succession plan. In this book, they break it down, give you a strategy, and deliver everything you need to create leadership depth at every level of your organization.”

Angela Cox Weston

President, Midwest Speakers Bureau


“Succession planning goes way beyond the person at the head of the company. Depth on the bench is essential to ensure an organization’s resiliency and contingency planning.”

Eric Holloway

Captain, U.S. Navy (ret)

The Best Sales Book Ever/The Best Sales Leadership Ever

The Best Sales Book Ever/The Best Sales Leadership Ever

Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats

Sales and Leadership Books

Two Powerful Books in One—From Sales Experts Connie Podesta and Meridith Elliott Powell.

Whether you work in Sales or Sales Leadership, this book is—hands down—the resource you need right now. Comprehensive strategies. Straight talk. Brilliant insights that can transform your career.

The Best Sales Book Ever: Cut Through the Obstacles and Send Sales Through the Roof

The people who achieve mind-blowing Sales success are the ones who figure out what NOT to do. They learn to let go of the beliefs destroying their potential. Excuses holding them back. Faulty assumptions costing them money. Negotiation tactics diminishing their power.

If you want to sell more, make more money, land larger customers, build stronger relationships, and get the recognition you deserve, this book describes exactly how to do it.

The Best Sales Leadership Book Ever: Cut Through the Obstacles and Lead a Killer Sales Team

With extraordinary leaders to guide them, Sales teams consistently produce better results. Revenue goes up. Win ratios improve. Plus, the retention rate for top Sales talent skyrockets. Sales leadership is the key to all of it.

This book provides you with a concise, candid discussion about the leadership habits and behaviors that are critical if you want to develop a high-producing, goal-smashing Sales team.

Own It: Redefining Responsibility

Own It: Redefining Responsibility

Available from Amazon in paperback

Sales and Leadership Books

In this book, Own It: Redefining Responsibility, motivational speaker and author, Meridith Elliott Powell, provides new and innovative leadership solutions to one of today’s most pressing challenges – employee engagement. Top leaders share their leadership strategies and secrets for how to gain competitive advantage by attracting, developing and retaining top talent; and successful employees shares their ideas for how to get above the white noise and become the employee companies strive to keep.

In this powerful, interactive book, you’ll discover:

  • How and why a fully engaged workforce is your greatest competitive advantage.
  • Why what your current engagement strategies are failing.
  • An innovative, new approach to inspire your team to fully engage.
  • The three key strategies you need to attract, retain and fully engage top talent.